Alicia is having a tea party this afternoon and she has invited her friends over. She wants to prepare some blueberry muffins to serve her guests together with tea, coffee and juice. She is all alone at home and she could really use your help to finish cooking her delicious blueberry muffins on time for the party. Break some eggs, mash the butter and gather the necessary ingredients to make the dough. Beside eggs and butter, we also need sugar, flour, salt, blueberries and baking powder. Make the dough mixture stirring it up with a whisk. Cover the paper muffin cups with oil before pouring the dough into them. Bake the blueberry muffins in the oven and when they are done, cover them with sugar powder. Alicia's guests will surely compliment you for your great cooking skills. Try this tasty dessert recipe at home with your family. Have a great time playing this new cooking game!