It is Friday and that means the weekend has begun for Helen and her bffs. She has a demanding office job during the week, so she dedicates the end of the week to having fun and relaxing with the girls. Friday and Saturday night they go out clubbing or at various private parties. On Sunday she goes shopping at the mall and has dinner at the restaurant. She also goes to the spa salon where she relaxes swimming in the pool, having a body massage or enjoying an hour of sauna. Today Helen is at the spa salon again to have a facial beauty treatment this time. She has a bad acne problem and she needs your beautician skills to cleanse her face. Use the various beauty spa cosmetics to take care of the ugly looking zits. Pluck her eyebrows at the end of the treatment using tweezers. She needs your expert fashion stylist advice to find the perfect party outfit for Saturday night. Enjoy playing this brand new facial beauty game!