A new beach season is here and this year beach pedicure is the latest fashion trend. Any girl going to the beach should have a chic beach pedicure. Nail polished toes are a must this summer especially on the beach where you wear flip-flops which show off all your feet toes. Have fun getting a fancy beach pedicure for your toes in tone with the newest beach pedicure trends. Here we have the trendiest pedicure nail polish colors which you should use on your toes. Black toes, red toes, but also blue, pink, green, purple and brown are the beach pedicure colors this year. Get your pedicure ready for beach and have fun playing with the trendiest pedicure colors, prints, toe gems and foot tattoos. Once you are happy with the beautiful beach pedicure you have created for your toes, apply a fancy foot tattoo and accessorize your ankle with a chic ankle bracelet. Your legs will look amazing with you new beach pedicure. Have fun playing this nails game!