It is a lovely day outside, perfect for a family barbecue. Meatballs, chicken legs, wings and breast, pork chops, pork ribs, fish, sausage, corn and mushrooms are the traditional food ingredients used for an open door barbecue. Here is a brand new recipe which you should try next time and which the chef cook recommends you! Make a delicious BBQ veal with olive and surprise your picnic guests with it. You will surely make a great impression on them cooking them BBQ veal with olive. Chop a tomato, some garlic and parsley. Combine them with green olives, lemon juice with black olives. Add zest, salt and pepper for taste. The veal must be well seasoned with salt and pepper before being placed on the barbecue. When it is cooked, it will be served with the olive salad mixture. Have a great time playing this new cooking game! Enjoy!