Barbie spends the Christmas Day with her family and relatives. She will have lots of guests coming over to her house for dinner and carol singing. She wants to look fabulous as the host, welcoming the visitors in a gorgeous Christmas dress. She fancies a unique and super elegant design which can only be created at a fashion studio. Grant Barbie's dress up wish designing the most amazing patchwork dress for her. Select the top and patchwork style and fabric color. Red is a must have at Christmas, so pick a stunning red print. Choose from lovely patterns like snowflakes, hearts, snowmen or stars. Dress up Barbie in the astonishing red gown, completing the outfit with matching high heels, jewels, hand bag, waist belt and trendy hairstyle. She will look stunning as a Santa princess or an elfish fashionista. Don't miss playing Barbie Winter Fashionista dress up game either! Enjoy!