Barbie is a great cook and today she will prove her amazing cooking skills making delicious apple braided sweets. The three meals of the day are very important for Barbie, but the dessert or snack in between them is as important. Our chef girl fancies home made desserts to the ones bought from the supermarket, She knows how to make lots of dessert recipes and today she is in the mood for some tasty apple braided sweets. This is a great recipe with sliced fruits, cinnamon powder, sugar, lemon juice, flour, butter, salt and water. Our cute doll chef has some guests this afternoon and she wants to cook something sweet for them. This sounds like the best choice for her, but she cannot mix all these ingredients by herself. Wanna be Barbie's assistant cook and help her prepare her amazing dessert? This way you learn how to make it and you spend a great time with the cute doll as well. Have fun playing this new cooking game!