Barbie loves crashing weddings, especially the high life ones. She meets new people, finds out the latest social gossip, checks out the newest fashion trends, dances with the groom and comments on the bride's outfit. A socialite wedding is taking place tonight in the Upper East Side and Barbie will be there with her bffs. She just updated her wardrobe with new party clothes and accessories perfect for such an event. Dress up Barbie in a stunning wedding crasher outfit which will make the bride and bridesmaids envious. She has lots of elegant evening gowns, tops and skirts in her fashionista closet and she needs your help to make the perfect dress up choice. That strapless red dress will turn her into a hot and glamorous wedding crasher. She will also look fashion fabulous in a stylish pink princess bustier top and long skirt. Will a blue or yellow dress attire suit her better, girls? Accessorize your outfits with matching high heel shoes or sandals, stockings or leggings, bolero or fur scarf, jewels, hairdo and bridal flower bouquet. Have an amazing time playing our brand new dress up game, ladies!