Barbie has been invited to the Moscow fashion week. She has never been to Russia and every time she has some spare time, she visits Moscow, going shopping or sightseeing. She loves the cute Russian dolls and the fashionable Russian hair braids. Dress up Barbie in street casual Russian style outfits for her visit in Moscow. Mix and match chic and stylish dresses, trenches, overalls, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories in lots of outfits. She could wear a pink dress matched with a hot red long coat, pink high heeled sandals, hand bag and sunglasses. Or you can dress her up in a pretty orange blouse and purple jacket with fur collar, which you can match with trendy pink trousers, purple ankle high booties and bag. Check out that fancy blue overall or the Russian style tunics. Turn Barbie into a beautiful and fashionable Russian doll playing this brand new dress up game for girls!