Barbie is ready for her summer vacation on the beach. She picked Hawaii as holiday destination this year and she cannot wait to get there. The hot sand, warm water and great ocean breeze are all she can think of. Barbie will spend two wonderful weeks chilling on the hot Hawaii beach. Packing the luggage for such a long summer vacation is not easy. Barbie needs your swimsuit designer skills. Create trendy swimsuits for her incredible Hawaii getaway trip. The cute doll does not wear the same swimsuit two days in a row, so you do the math and decide how many bathing suits she will need. Use your fashion designer talent to choose the prettiest and most fashionable swimsuits. Follow the swimsuit designer steps to create the models. Dress up Barbie in your stunning beach wear designs, accessorizing them with lovely beach hats, shoes, sunglasses, bags and jewels. Barbie will have an astonishing summer holiday on the beach thanks to your designer creations. Have fun playing our brand new dress up game!