We all know Barbie is a true fashion diva. She has amazing fashion tastes when it comes to clothes, accessories, make up and hair styling. The fashionista doll has prepared a fabulous style quiz for you, girls! She wants you to answer a few multiple choice questions which will help you find the perfect fashion style which defines you. How cool is that? Barbie wants to know what type of shoes and hairstyle you wear and what is your favorite leisure time activity. Where do you picture having your first date and what is your favorite drink are also part of the style quiz. Do you fancy earrings, chains or cuffs when it comes to jewelry? What is your favorite flower, color and accessory? Where do you like spending your summer vacation? Depending on your answers, Barbie will decide whether you are a glam diva, hipster, hippie or retro kind of person. Have a great time playing our hot new dress up game!