Barbie is a beautiful and stylish stewardess. She is getting ready for a new flight. The plane takes off in a few hours so she does not have too much time at hand. She must do her make up, style up her hair and get dressed. Why don't you do all these things for her, girls! Give Barbie a fashion fabulous stewardess makeover. Create the wow effect mixing and matching trendy lipstick, blush, mascara and eye shadow in a sassy day makeup. Bring out her gorgeous eyes using black eye liner a la Brigitte Bardot style. Move on to hair styling and decide whether she looks prettier with a chic pony tail or loose curls. Dress up Barbie in an elegant dress or top and skirt uniform. Accessorize it with matching hat, earrings, scarf and shoes. Don't forget her suitcase either. Have a great time playing our hot new make up game for girls!