Barbie and Ken are on their summer vacation at the seaside. They picked Hawaii as their holiday destination. The hot beach sand and the warm ocean waves suit their tastes and they are super happy to have made this choice. After a long day on the beach, Barbie and Ken decided to go for a nice and relaxing restaurant dinner. Help Barbie prepare for the evening event with a spa beauty makeover. Give her a facial beauty treatment to hydrate her skin complexion. Wash her hair with spa salon shampoo and conditioner. Continue the makeover doing her make up and styling up her hair. She needs a pretty dinner outfit, like for example an elegant pink dress and high heels. Dress up Ken in a stylish top, trousers and matching shoes attire. They have no idea what to wear tomorrow, so how about designing their beach outfits for the next day as well? Have a wonderful time playing our brand new facial beauty game!