Barbie is a very popular college girl and she is the president of the most important sorority in the university campus. Having fabulous fashion tastes, she is also the designer of her organization's badge, coat of arms and apparel. Today Barbie offers you the chance to join her sorority! How cool is that, girls? In order to become a full member, you have to pass her fashion stylist initiation test, trying to impress the fashion diva with your expert dress up skills. Are you up for the challenge, ladies? Design lots of stunning Barbie sorority girl outfits for campus and off campus purposes, mixing and matching the cute doll's clothes, shoes, hairstyles and accessories. Match her fancy Greek letters printed tops with fashionable pants, denim jeans, skirts, over tops, bags and jewelry. Girly pink hair bands and geek chic glasses are must have accessories. A stylish shirt matched with tie, vest, skirt, backpack and flats would be perfect for school classes. A trendy sport dress matched with trainers and a sport jacket would be great for her cheerleader practice. What should she wear for a campus party or for a hot date with the captain of the football team? Have an amazing time playing this brand new dress up game!