After spending a fabulous week in Paris, Barbie decided to extend her vacation in Europe with a few more days spent in Moscow. The capital of Russia has lots of surprises in store for the American cutie, from its unique architecture and places to visit to its culture, lifestyle and traditional food. She was mostly fascinated by the local fashion and the famous Russian dolls. Barbie just got back to the hotel from an amazing shopping spree and check out the beautiful dresses and accessories she purchased. She is eager to try them on and design gorgeous Russian doll outfits, which she will wear back home at a thematic party or a fancy dress ball. She wants to offer some of them to her bffs as presents. Which dresses should she keep and which ones should she give away? Wanna give her a helping hand, girls? Dress up Barbie in fashionable Russian doll attires, matching each dress with the perfect pair of high heeled shoes, braided hairstyle, traditional embroidered hat, flower bouquet and jewelry set. Barbie would look stunning in that purple princess gown or those vintage embroidered dresses. Don't forget the cute dolls! Have a fantastic time playing this brand new dress up game!