Barbie has an impressive books collection in her bedroom. Her favorite ones are the famous Disney fairy tales. She especially likes the Little Mermaid, Jasmine and Rapunzel's story. Which Disney fairy tale is your favorite, girls? Barbie has read those books over and over again and now she has come up with the great idea of dressing up like a Disney princess. Live an amazing princess dress up story with Barbie and turn her into a gorgeous Ariel, Jasmine or Rapunzel. Pick a fairy tale and use the clothes, hairstyles, make up and accessories available to design gorgeous outfits similar to the ones worn by the Disney characters. Change the color of Barbie's hair to match Ariel's or Jasmine's. Make her look pretty doing her make up. Accessorize the clothes with beautiful gold or pearl jewels, tiaras and elegant shoes. Have an amazing time playing this brand new dress up game for girls!