Barbie is going to her high school prom tonight. Her boyfriend Ken will pick her up in a few minutes and she does not even know what clothes to wear. The cute blondie fancies a prom princess look. Help Barbie choose the perfect gown and accessories. She has lots of beautiful princess dresses in her closet. Have her try them all on, then decide which one is the it dress. Accessorize the selected prom gown with gorgeous earrings and necklace jewelry set, elegant shoes and fancy bag or clutch. Make up is next, then hair styling. Barbie has a fabulous make up kit which you will use to give her a stunning prom princess makeover. Match her hairdo with the right lipstick, blush, eye shadow, blush and foundation. She likes wearing pink glossy lipstick hues, but you can color her lips in red or purple as well. Feel free to use your imagination and have fun playing our brand new make up game, ladies! Enjoy!