Barbie is pregnant and she will be a mommy soon, but that does not prevent her from going shopping at the mall or hanging out with her bffs in the city. She is going to a wedding this weekend, so a new shopping spree is in order. Barbie fancies an entire new head to toe outfit for the wedding party. That means she must buy a new dress, shoes and jewelries. Go shopping with pregnant Barbie for the most dazzling evening dress. Stop at the clothes department first and dress up Barbie in gorgeous pregnant dresses, tops and bottoms. Purchase the prettiest elegant dress, some trendy casual blouses, skirts, jeans or overalls. Continue the shopaholic session at the footwear shop, them move on to accessories finding the perfect jewels, bag or clutch, hat and sunglasses. Pamper the cute pregnant mom with a fancy hairstyle at the hair salon. Have a wonderful time playing our hot new dress up game!