Barbie is pregnant with a cute baby girl! Great news right? She will soon giver birth and she is very happy about it. She can't wait to hold her dear baby, but before the birth she needs to take care of herself and keep a healthy life style. Can you help her with that? I am sure you can and the doll will appreciate your help a lot. In the very fun game called Barbie Pregnancy Care you will need to feed her delicious treats such as cookies, burger and fruits. Make a great smoothie for her with fresh fruit such as pineapple, kiwi and bananas. Add milk and she can enjoy this great drink. In Barbie Pregnancy Care you will also need to rub her belly and perform a massage, to make her feel comfortable and rub some lotion on her belly to make the skin smooth and wrinkle free. You can do a foot massage as well for swollen feet and play some music for the baby, which she enjoys a lot. Have a great time in the game called Barbie Pregnancy Care!