It is a nice sunny day today, just perfect for a walk in the park or for a stroll downtown, and Barbie is ready to hit the streets to enjoy the lovely weather, so she has decided to go rollerskating with her best girl friends. She has just purchased a new pair of fashionable pink roller skates from the mall and she is eager to try them on and to show them to her BFFs, as she expects her girl friends will give her a thumb up for her new roller skates, which I am sure they will. Barbie has an amazing roller skating collection made up of many pairs of roller skates, one trendier that the other, matching helmets, armrests and kneepads, but also girly chic clothes and accessories, in lively colors, which Barbie likes to combine to create a new fashionable outfit every time she goes on rollers. Check out her printed t-shirts, girly tops, skirts, denim shorts, stockings and leggings, mix and match them with her roller skates and come up with as many outfits as you can think of for Barbie to wear on this roller skating adventure. Dress Barbie on Rollers in a super hot and trendy outfit so that she can enjoy her roller skating and accessorise her with chic sunglasses, youthful multi-colored bracelets, necklaces and chains. Don’t forget the helmet and the rest of the protective skating equipment. Enjoy!