Barbie wants to become a musketeer, so she joined the famous musketeers Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan in their pursuit for justice and freedom. She always admired their bravery in protecting the poor and oppressed. She has turned into a true warrior princess, being well known in her kingdom for her sword fighting and horse riding skills. Barbie needs a talented fashion stylist to design her musketeer princess outfits, as she is too busy fighting around. Wearing a dress will not prevent her from being less efficient, but on the contrary she can take her enemies by surprise. Dress up Barbie in lots of gorgeous musketeer princess dresses, matching each vintage top with the right fairytale long skirt and shoes. If you go for a hotter and more sophisticated look, pick a midi or mini skirt instead and match it with chic leggings and knee high boots. Accessorize your amazing designs with a girly cloak or collar scarf, fancy feather hat or dazzling tiara, masquerade face mask, gold and diamond jewels, and a trendy curly or wavy hairstyle. She goes nowhere without her sword and fan, her secret weapons, so make sure she carries them as well. Have a great time playing our brand new dress up game for girls!