Barbie is going to a wedding today and she needs her nails done. She usually does her own manicure, but today she wants you to do it for her. She is not only a fashion diva, but also a skilled nails artist. Barbie is about to reveal to you her fabulous manicure secrets which will make your nails look amazing. How awesome is that, girls? Gather all the necessary objects and nail cosmetics, then discover Barbie's manicure secrets step by step. First soak and brush the nails, then apply a hand cream with olive oil. Cut the nails with the nail clipper according to a chosen shape, then use a nail polisher to file them. Apply cuticle remover and gel treatment. Decorate the nails with trendy nail polish colors, patterns and gemstones. Check out the cute doll's dazzling rings, bracelets, make up and clothing items. Match the nail designs you create with elegant and fashionable outfits, make up and jewels. Enjoy playing this brand new nails game!