After finding out her fairy secret, Barbie discovered she has a new talent which involves magic. Coming back from her adventurous trip to the magical city of Gloss Angeles, she realized she brought home some of her fairy powers. She figured out a clever way to use them in the open without arising any suspicion when the bright idea of becoming a magician came to her. Barbie is preparing for her first magician show and she is a bit nervous, as a big audience is expected to watch her. The stage props and the wardrobe is at her disposal, but she cannot do everything by herself. She needs an assistant to dress her up and hand her various items during the performance. Be her assistant and dress up Barbie in lots of spectacular magician princess outfits. During the show she will play the role of a magic princess, a fortune teller, a fashionista clown and a wizard's apprentice. Design attires for each of these role plays mixing and matching stylish, glamorous and sophisticated dresses, tops, over tops, skirts, shorts, shoes and accessories. Match each outfit with the proper pair of high heeled sandals or boots, girly tights, chic tie and fashionable gold studs. Make her look like a true fashion diva princess when she makes that white dove disappear or when she reads in the tarot cards to foretell the future. Don't forget the fancy clown hat and the magic wand! Have a fabulous time playing this brand new dress up game!