Barbie is the new Indiana Jones. She follows on the footsteps of the famous archaeologist explorer searching for lost relics hidden in the most man unfriendly corners of the world. A pirate treasure map artifact came into her hands arising her interest and curiosity. The quest is about to begin and it will lead her to dangerous jungle like places. Your task is to keep the pretty Indiana Jones safe, sound and fashionable in this awesome treasure hunt adventure. Dress up Barbie in dozens of gorgeous outfits, turning her into the most fashion fabulous archaeologist princess. The adventurer hat, leather bag, scarf, whip, rope, water flask, pistol and gun belt are must have accessories which she carries with her all the time. Although the aim of the mission is to find ancient artifacts, the cute girl fancies a modern look in trend with the latest fashion. A pair of trendy denim skinny jeans or shorts combined with a printed t-shirt or tank top, vest and sport shoes are the perfect dress up choice. Go for a more feminine look, trying a stylish shirt, skirt, leggings and flats or booties attire. Check out that hot red leather jacket and match it with the right clothing items. Those casual chic dresses look amazing combined with knee high boots and girly sunglasses, don't you agree, girls? Have a fantastic time playing our newest dress up game for girls entitled Barbie Indiana Jones!