Barbie loves dancing and she dreams of being a great ballerina one day. She mysteriously received a pair of sparkling pink ballet shoes with magical powers for her last birthday. Whenever she tries them on, she is magically carried away to a fantastical ballet world ruled by the evil Snow Queen. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Barbie in the Pink Shoes is the only one who can defeat the evil queen. In order to do that, she must dance with all her heart like a true ballerina. Accompany Barbie in the pink shoes in this fantastic dance adventure, helping her defeat the evil queen and fulfill her ballet dream by dressing her up in beautiful ballerina outfits. Accessorize each pair of ballet flats with gorgeous tops and matching over tops, skirts, leggings or stockings, jewelries and elegant wavy hairstyles. She will look stunning in a princess or fairy style ballerina attire, don't you agree, girls? Have an amazing time playing this brand new dress up game!