Like Alice in Wonderland, Barbie had a sweet and wonderful dream last night. She dreamed of being in Candyland, surrounded by yummy candies, colorful candy stores and little gingerbread people. Her dream inspired the fashionista to create this brand new Barbie in Candyland fashion collection designed for all you girls out there! How awesome is that? Bright candy colors and prints are the main features of the clothes, footwear and accessories from this new collection, which can be worn on the street, at school, at the mall or on a date. Colorful tops and bottoms, candy printed dresses and blazers, chic shoes and jewels, trendy teen hairstyles would turn any girl into a fashion diva. Mix and match all these fashion items in lots of fancy chic outfits. Dress up the cute doll in a gorgeous red or purple dress matched with colorful tights, earrings and chain, high heeled booties, a stylish over top and a delicious lollipop. Accessorize the blue gingerbread printed t-shirt with a fashionable skirt or pants, a funky purse, a chic scarf, pretty sandals and a curly hairdo. Have a fabulous time playing this brand new Barbie in Candyland dress up game!