Barbie and Ken had a fabulous wedding with many guests and lots of details to take care of. Now they are on their way towards a relaxing and well deserved honeymoon where the love birds will be all alone. The newly weds have chosen three destinations and they can't wait to get there. Help Barbie and Ken reach each destination and dress them up in fashionable outfits for their honeymoon love. Where should they stop first? The tropical Caribbean Islands are perfect for a hot summer honeymoon. Dress up Barbie and Ken in trendy beach clothes and accessories, so they can enjoy the hot sand and the warm water. To make their honeymoon more romantic, Venice is the perfect city for the newly wedded bride and groom. Their love will grow even stronger here. Last but not least, a ski trip to Iceland will cool down their heated hearts. Pack up their bags with clothes, accessories and make up corresponding to each destination. Have a fantastic time playing this brand new Barbie and Ken dress up game!