Barbie cannot keep away from the big New Year shop sales which attract girls like magnets. Today she is going shopping at the mall with her bffs. She wants to wear something casual, funky and contemporary. A hipster style outfit is the perfect dress up choice. Go hipster with Barbie and dress her up in modern street casual clothes, shoes and accessories on vogue at the moment. She has dozens of such fashion items in her closet and it is hard to decide. What do you recommend her to wear on this shopping spree, girls? Those fancy printed leggings will look really hot matched with denim shorts or skirt, girly chic t-shirt, fur bolero or jacket and boots. How about a pair of ripped tights combined with a dress or long oversized top, trendy scarf and hipster hat? Suspender trousers and overalls are clothing items representative of this fashion style and they look fabulous both on men and women. The same goes for bow ties and glasses. Dress up Barbie in a pair of baggy suspender pants, tight top, kicks or sneakers, studs and sunglasses. Or she can wear skinny jeans combined with a loose blouse, high heeled booties, bonnet and hand bag. Don't forget to style up the cute doll's hair! Have a great time playing our brand new dress up game, ladies!