Barbie looks forward to her senior high school year. It is going the be the most amazing year of her teen life. As the most popular girl in the campus, she has great expectations from the new school term. One thing is for sure though. No other junior, sophomore or senior girl will be prettier and more fashion fabulous than her. She won the prom queen title for a reason and she must live up to it. Barbie is a true high school princess. She has awesome fashionista dress up ideas for the upcoming school year which she is eager to share with you, girls! Her recently updated wardrobe has the latest trends to cover all fashion styles. Mix and match her clothes, shoes and accessories in dozens of super hot and feminine outfits. How about a rebellious mean girl look wearing that printed pink tank top combined with a pink mini skirt, high heel shoes, fancy hand bag, girly hair band and stylish cardigan or blazer? Check out her elegant and attractive princess dresses, perfect for the prom night or a sweet 16 birthday party! Try a comfier hang out with friends approach wearing a sport or street casual attire. What top, bottom and footwear go with that fashionable sport over top or the funky black leather jacket? Get a chic fashion diva look wearing a romantic printed t-shirt accessorized with a cute skirt or denim skinny jeans. Have a blast playing our newest dress up game called Barbie High School Princess!