Your favorite doll, Barbie has become the most beautiful gipsy princess, because she just married a very handsome and kind prince. She is really excited about this new adventure she has gone on, and is just getting familiar with the gipsy customs and fashion. In our brand new dress up game called Barbie Gipsy Princess, you are going to have the amazing task of joining Barbie on a discovery trip. In order for your task to be easier, we have prepared some pretty amazing outfits for you to choose from. You'll see that the combinations are endless, and it all depends on you to find that perfect balance between the gipsy traditions and the latest fashion trends. Once the cutest outfit has been discovered, you will then also get to choose a really nice hairstyle to go with the look and spice it up with some gipsy princess accessories for Barbie. Hurry up and help beautiful Barbie find the perfect look for her in this amazing new game called Barbie Gipsy Princess!