Barbie is a girl of many talents. She is a gardening expert, a great cook, has fabulous fashion tastes and great make up skills. No wonder she is such a popular girl at school and in her circle of friends. Today she is going to prove she is not a liar. Gardening is first on her to do list. Barbie wants to plant delicious strawberries in her garden to prove her expert gardening abilities. Join her while she plants the fruit seeds, handing her the tools and supplies needed. Next she will show you how to make a fabulous strawberry smoothie using fresh strawberries picked from her garden. The drink looks amazing and it is ready for you to taste. How about a shopping spree at the mall afterwards, girls? Barbie has lots of stunning dress up ideas for all occasions. Have a glance at her trendy make up kit and combine the colors in varied day and night make up alternatives. Have an awesome time with the cute doll playing our brand new management game!