Barbie was driving to the beauty spa salon when she had a terrible car accident. She is now at the hospital to be examined by the doctor. The x rays reveal her leg is broken and she needs a foot surgery to cure the bone fracture. Take Barbie to the operation room and be her surgeon. Use the foot surgery utensils to fix her broken leg. Do you have what it takes to become a skilled surgeon or will you faint at the first sight of blood or open wound? Sterilize the area and use scalper to cut the skin to get to the damaged area. Use clamps to keep the area open and remove the broken bone pieces with the surgical tongs. Fix the fracture with a fixation plate and screwdriver. Perform the rest of the surgical steps and help Barbie recover from this ugly accident. Be precise and use the time you have wisely. Bring the smile back on the fashionista's face and make her fans happy again. Have fun playing this brand new management game!