Barbie wants to look ravishing for Easter. She has guests coming over and a party to go to. She just returned from the hair salon and she must get ready for her nail salon appointment next. Dress up Barbie in a pretty Easter outfit for her nail salon session. A pink bunny printed dress combined with matching high heel shoes, bag and studs is the perfect dress up choice. What Easter nails design do you recommend her? Impress Barbie with your nails designer skills doing her manicure and decorating her nails with amazing nail polish colors and prints. A hot red manicure will look fantastic on the cute doll. How about a purple, pink, green or multi colored design? Add glittery gems and stickers or replace these alternatives with trendy Easter patterns like eggs and bunnies. Got any other stunning nails designer ideas for Barbie? Have a fabulous time playing our brand new nails game! Check out Baby Barbie DIY Ombre Nails also!