Barbie is looking forward to this year's Halloween party. She is going to a fancy dress ball organized at a beautiful fairy tale castle and she wants to be in tone with the dress code. A great fashion dress up idea came to her. This Halloween Barbie will be a fabulous diamonds princess and she wants you to join her on her quest for the perfect outfit. She is about to have a Halloween fitting session trying on gorgeous princess tops, over tops, skirts, shoes, jewels and hairstyles. Turn her into a glamorous Cinderella or Snow White, dressing her up in a vintage fairy tale top matched with the right skirt, bolero, heels, diamonds earrings and necklace. She fancies a contemporary look as well, so how about an ultra modern dress? Check out that pink sequin or the red satin top and match them with a trendy and sophisticated skirt, wavy long hairdo and tiara. Don't forget her magic wand! Have a great time playing this brand new Barbie Diamonds Princess dress up game!