Ever since the denim appeared in the fifties, they grew to be one of the most reliable and popular fabric, and although at first they were so famous because of the fabric resistance, they turned into a real fashion industry. Being a fan of all fashion- related things, Barbie simply adores denim. But of course that there is never enough denim in any stylish girl's wardrobe. Therefore, Barbie has decided that today she is going shopping for some great denim clothing. She doesn't want to go alone, so she has invited you to go with her. Barbie also knows how good you are at selecting fantastic outfits, mixing and matching great clothing articles, so you will be just the perfect style and fashion adviser for her. Help Barbie choose some versatile pieces, so that she will be able to combine them and obtain some new, fashionable combination every time she mixes the clothes that she is going to buy. Barbie will appreciate your help a lot, and afterwards you will even be able to hang out some more with her in our other Barbie games. Enjoy your day spent shopping for fantastic denim pieces together with Barbie in our latest exciting dress up game called Barbie Denim Style!