Hey, girls! It's me, Barbie, and guess what, girls! I have decided to be one of the stars in one of my favorite dancing shows, Dancing with the Stars. You know that dancing is one of my favorite hobbies, besides shopping and fashion, of course, and I want to show off my dance moves on the fancy dance floor of this awesome show. Help me be the next dancing queen by putting together the dance outfits for my future show. Yes, me, Barbie, wants to turn you, girls, into my personal stylist for this great event, so check out my Barbie Dancing with the Stars wardrobe and dress me up with the hottest and fanciest dresses, heels and accessories designed espcially for the famous dance contest. Decide which dress I shoud wear for each dance category that I will have to perform on the stage, whether it is cha-cha-cha, rumba, salsa, waltz, tango, contemporary dance or other types of dance. Dress Barbie for her dance contest and help her become the dancing queen of the show playing Barbie Dancing with the Stars dress up game! Have a fashion blast!