Childhood and adolescence are crystal clear stages in the development and growth of each of us. How about mixing childhood and teen age in a chic, girly and playful fashion style called Barbie childish style, girls? Dress with style and be playful with your clothes and accessories like Barbie does when she wears a childish style outfit. Barbie fancies the childish style a lot as she can match a Minie Mouse casual t-shirt with a chic and playful skirt, shorts or overall, and a fancy mouse head purse for example. I bet you all have in your closets such childish fashion items like a pretty t-shirt, a skirt, a dress or pants with your favorite Disney animated characters printed on them! Or a cute childish bag with droll prints on it, giving you a childish chic air! How about a childish and trendy ponytail hairstyle! Well, Barbie is in a childish fashion mood right now and she needs a pretty childish outfit to show off her playful, optimistic and fashion diva side. Dress Barbie in lots of casual chic childish style outfits playing Barbie Childish Style dress up game!