Barbie is not sure what career choice to make for her future. Maybe you can help her out, girls! She wants to become a nurse to care for people in need. Her amazing fashion tastes can turn her into a great fashion designer as well. This way Barbie can design lots of clothing collections dressing up women and men from all over the world. A modelling career is her third option. Barbie can easily be the next top model in the fashion industry with her fab look and poses. What career choice should Barbie make? It is going to be a hard decision, but not an impossible one. Figure out which career best suits Barbie dressing her up as a fashionable nurse, fashion designer and runway model. Have her try a bit of each career job like treating a child for body injuries, designing a few dresses and attending a model photo shoot session. Which career should Barbie choose? Have fun playing our brand new dress up game!