Barbie is going camping this weekend with her friends and her boyfriend Ken. They found a great nature spot by the river bank where they will place their tents, have fun, gossip and enjoy eating delicious outdoor barbecues. Will Barbie manage to look fashionable and trendy in her camping trip? What clothes, footwear and accessories should she pack her travel bag with? She fancies wearing casual sport attires in this weekend getaway adventure. Can you design Barbie's camping outfits according to her dress code wish? Rummage in her fashionista closet and combine her fashion items in lots of outfits which she will wear on this trip. Dress her up in a sporty t-shirt matched with a tracksuit over top, sport trousers and designer brand trainers. An army style look or a casual chic denim attire are also great dress up alternatives for the cute doll. Check out that blue overall or those loose tops which can be matched with a pair of shorts or a girly skirt, a cute hat, comfy sandals and pretty jewels. Should she wear her hair tied or loose? Don't forget the camera and the binoculars! Have a fabulous time playing this brand new dress up game!