Barbie opened up a new burger restaurant in the fairytale kingdom. Lots of princesses and princes queue to try on the rich menu. It is a busy day at the burger restaurant today and Barbie needs your help to wait on the incoming clients. Have fun running the restaurant with the cute blonde owner. You must move fast to serve each customer the desired order or else they get upset and leave. Prepare lots of healthy burgers, cheeseburgers and sandwiches. Barbie has invented fabulous and super delicious restaurant recipes famous all over the kingdom, so it makes no wonder the place is piled up with royalties. Combine the various bread, meat, cheese and veggies ingredients. Make American, beef and chicken burgers. Spice up the atmosphere with chili, fish, classic or rice hamburgers. The menu has many more cooking recipes for you, so have fun playing this hot new cooking game for girls!