Barbie and Ken are finally parents. They have an adorable baby girl with gorgeous blonde her just like her mom's. Barbie loves taking care of her newborn baby and having a babysitter is out of the question. The fresh new mom wants to experience all stages of baby care from baby feeding to diaper changing and bathing. Here she is breast feeding right now. Ken is near by in case mother and baby need anything. Breast feeding takes a while until the hunger is gone. Changing the diaper is next. Sometimes the baby girl has stomach pain or high fever after being breast fed. Barbie knows exactly what to do in such cases so there is no reason to panic. Assist the cute mother with the medical baby care, treating her precious baby girl for varied medical problems. Have a fabulous time playing our brand new baby game! Don't miss playing our awesome new Baby Barbie games like Baby Barbie Superhero Costumes, Baby Barbie Frozen Tshirt and Baby Barbie Allergy Attack!