Barbie is your patient today at the clinic. She is scheduled for a brain surgery and you must prepare her for this risky procedure. Make sure she is in good health performing a few medical tests. Check her body temperature and oxygen level. Examine her heart beat and lungs. Barbie's health is excellent and you can move on to the brain surgery. Cut her hair bald with a trimmer and use local anesthesia. Remove the skull part with a precise incision. You can see her thoughts which in this exact moment go only to fashion and yummy desserts. Barbie is a true fashionista, so it makes no wonder she always thinks about shopping for new clothes, shoes and accessories. Use your surgeon skills and tools to repair the damaged brain areas. Close the surgery placing the skull and skin back, then apply a bandage. The cute doll needs a couple of months to completely recover and you can help her looking fashion fabulous in the meantime. Have fun playing our newest surgery game!