It's no wonder Barbie looks beautiful all the time, girls! She knows lots of beauty tricks which help her look amazing. First of all, she loves taking beauty baths during which she pampers her skin will lots of creams, masks and body lotions. Discover Barbie's beauty secrets giving her a facial beauty treatment while she chills out in her fancy bathtub. Start with a gommage exfoliating mask, continue with a hydrating cream and finish with a refreshing cucumber face mask. Squeeze her pimples using a zit extractor and pluck her messy looking eyebrows. Barbie looks fabulous after her warm bubble bath, but the makeover is not finished yet. She needs her make up and hairstyle done. For a smooth and silky effect, apply a hair care mask on her blonde hair. Give the cute doll a glittery glam make up and dress her up in giry and fashionable clothes and accessories. Turn her into a true fashionista, having her wear the latest fashion trends. Have a great time playing our brand new facial beauty game!