Barbie successfully passed her first two bachelorette party fashion challenges. One of them was to pick an elegant evening outfit. The other one tested her fashion knowledge of the hipster style. Her bffs cannot stay still and they are preparing her some more surprises before her wedding day. She cannot wait to start the new challenge which involves a new fashion style. Barbie is hurrying on her motorbike to the clothing shop where she meets up with her future bridesmaids. Let the second part of her bachelorette party begin, ladies! The girls are gonna have a great time. This time Barbie must use her fashionista stylist skills to design a hot and fashionable rock star attire. Trendy rock style clothes and accessories are waiting to be mixed and matched in trendy chic outfits. A fancy rock dress matched with studded chain, earrings and booties is a fabulous Barbie dress up idea. That black leather jacket or the funky British flag printed t-shirt would look fabulous on the future bride. Have fun playing this brand new dress up game!