Barbie is taking her puppy pet for a walk in the park. What should the cute doll wear? A casual street or sport attire you will say. Yet, Barbie has something different on her mind. Get ready for the most amazing Barbie and puppy makeover ever, girls! Rummage in Barbie's fashion fabulous closet and play with her trendy make up kit. She fancies a girly chic dress and high heels today, perhaps even something party elegant. Grant her dress up wish and come up with your own dress up ideas at the same time. Can you convince Barbie to change her mind and wear your dog walking dress up suggestions? Do her hair and make up as well to complete the makeover. Pick your favorite lipstick, eye shadow, blush and mascara colors. Style up Barbie's hair creating trendy loose curls or waves. Enjoy playing Barbie and Puppy make up game! Check out the best Barbie dress up games only on!