Barbie and Ellie are backpacking this month in Europe and they are looking forward to visit lots of European capitals and touristic sights. Go with Barbie and Ellie backpacking in Europe playing this fun facial beauty game! Barbie is not sure which backpack and which travell bag to take with her in her backpacking trip to Europe. Can you help Barbie decide which backpacking luggage to take with her? Barbie and Ellie need a backpacking in Europe makeover with facial beauty treatment and vacation make up. Prepare Barbie and Ellie for their fabulous backpacking in Europe with make up, hairstyle and lots of vacation outfits. Fill Barbie's backpack and luggage back with the clothes, accessories and make up colors you would take if you were in Barbie's shoes. Desing Barbie and Ellie's backpacking in Europe attires, giving Barbie a fashionable European look. Have fun playing Barbie and Ellie Backpacking in Europe facial beauty game!