Have you heard of the 50's fashion, girls, also called pinup style fashion? The 50's fashion is very stylish and classy, yet chic, feminine and trendy all year round. How about having a thematical 50's summer, girls? If you have no fashion ideas how to dress like in the 50's, don't worry, Barbie is here to help you out with her Barbie 50's Summer fashion collection. Barbie loves the 50's fashion and she has decided to share it with all the girls, her fans but not only, by creating a fab 50's clothes and accessories summer collection. Help Barbie prepare her 50's summer fashion collection becoming her fashion stylist and putting together lots of 50's summer outfits for Barbie's catwalk show playing Barbie 50's Summer dress up game! Barbie herself will present her collection on a hot runway on the beach, so make sure you don't miss any of the clothings and accessories from Barbie 50's Summer! Whether there are classy and elegant beach swimsuits, pinup style dresses, or a top assorted with a knee long skirt or high waist shorts and pretty sandals, you will have a fashion blast dressing up Barbie in the 50's fashion. Don't forget the 50's accessories as well! Have fun with Barbie 50's Summer dress up game!