BFF stands for Best Friends Forever and that is exactly what Barbie and Ellie are. Everybody has or should have at least one bff, someone you can trust and share your secrets or problems with. Barbie is happy to have found Ellie as her bff, they know each other since childhood and their friendship will last forever. Being Barbie's best friend, Ellie knows everything about Barbie's life, from Barbie's hobbies, beauty and fashion tastes to ex-boyfriends and her innermost secrets. But because Ellie is Barbie's bff, she does not go around the neighborhood gossiping left and right about Barbie and her personal life. Barbie and Ellie are going for a fun girls' night out at a fancy club and they just love preparing for it. It is party time with Barbi and Ellie BFF Makeover facial beauty game! Help Barbie's bff Ellie get ready to enjoy a fab night partying with Barbie and some more of their friends. Ellie needs an elegant evening bff makeover which means an elegant evening dress, chic earrings and necklace, fancy hair style and glam evening make up. Before applying the make up, use Ellie's cosmetic products to cleanse and beautify her face. Enjoy Barbi and Ellie BFF Makeover facial beauty game!