Have you ever eaten a barbecue chicken sandwich? It is absolutely delicious and easy to prepare. Join me and let's have fun cooking this fabulous dish! Use tender chicken breast marinated in salt, pepper and olive oil. Fry it on the grill or barbecue, turning it from side to side. Cut the meat into thin slices. Mix the cut meat with butter, chopped onion, tomato pasta, barbecue sauce and a bit of water. Serve the cooked barbecue chicken inside sandwich buns, adding chips or French fries and a juice drink on the side. This is a special sandwich recipe which you can make at home. Have it for lunch, brunch or dinner surrounded by your family or friends. Are you ready to have your first bite. You may get addicted to it, so don't eat the whole food today, leave some for tomorrow as well. Have a fantastic time playing our brand new cooking game!