I have an amazing dessert recipe which I want to prepare today for my loved ones. Help me surprise my parents and my friends with delicious banana egg tarts. The ingredients and cooking utensils are scattered in our big kitchen. Check the cabinets, counter top and fridge for bowls, powdered sugar, butter, eggs, bananas and electric mixer. Can you find the cutting board, rolling pin and flour? Make the tarts dough mixing the sugar, butter, eggs, flour and vanilla extract in a large bowl. Flatten the resulting dough on the cutting board and cut it with the cookies cutter. Place the dough pieces in a tray with various pie shapes. Can you gather the ingredients to prepare the filling for the yummy banana egg tarts? Finish making the mouth watering fruit pie dessert, then bake it in the preheated oven. I bet you are eager to have a bite or two. Enjoy playing our hot new cooking games!