Barbie wants to prove her boyfriend Ken that she has great cooking skills. She is going to surprise Ken tonight with a delicious home made dinner. She is about to make baked mac and cheese, one of Ken's favorite dishes. Barbie is a bit nervous and she needs your help to make sure everything comes out perfectly. Assist Barbie in her modern kitchen while she cooks baked mac and cheese. Find the cooking tools and the ingredients needed checking the fridge, cabinets and counter top shelf. Cut the bacon, the parsley and grate the cheese. Prepare the penne pasta boiling it in hot water mixed with salt. Make the cream mixing butter with flour, pepper, salt, shallots, garlic, tomato sauce and wine with the help of a spatula. After the cream sauce is done, prepare the baking dish. Pour the baking dish and the cream sauce on top of the pasta and the dinner meal is finished. Have fun playing this brand new chef Barbie cooking game!